Message From Mike Johnson Regarding The Christian Healing Center

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Dear Friend and Contributor of Christian Healing Center of Naples!

You may wonder why this is reaching you.  Well, this email is going to everyone in my personal contact list that has ever received an email from me about CHC.  You may also receive a word about this through Christian Healing Center’s email.  Or, from Faith Lutheran Church too.  So what is the big deal, you might say.  Or you might click a reply asking to come off my contact list.  Whatever your response, the big deal is God in action.
Briefly,  when CHC formed in 2016, Faith Lutheran Church responded to God’s call on them to form a healing ministry too.  In 206 we knew St. John’s Episcopal Church was deep in healing ministry.  CHC was deep in commitment to God’s call, and so was Faith Lutheran Church.  Now, more than 5 years later we see God was (and is) making healing a Big Deal in Naples and the surrounding area.  The list of churches and Christian groups in our area with healing prayer activity is growing exponentially.  You are probably attending a church with a healing ministry or your church has members talking about forming one.  If not, know it will wave your way soon, because God has always shown His Love for people through His Healing.  And there is more!
This month Faith Lutheran announces CHC as Mission of the Month.  More people hearing about God in action will result.  I pray more people will expect healing for themselves, their families and churches and community.  As Naples people grow in healing so our home churches gather and more and more we will embrace the Church of Naples!  Sanctuary where the Communion of Jesus Christ and the preparation of His Bride, the Church is celebrated with more healing.  Through repentance, relationship with Jesus refreshed or begun anew, we revive as His People rejoicing that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – Three in One is Our God!  Healing has a purpose as do we!
If you are in town come to Faith Lutheran Services next weekend.  CHC will be there too!  
Faith Lutheran Church
4150 Goodlette-Frank Rd.
Naples, FL 34103

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