Have You Ever Heard God’s Voice? 5-13-22

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Have you heard God’s voice? How did it change you?

 Feel again what you felt when you knew you had heard from God.

 In Psalm 29:4 (ESV) the psalmist proclaims:
“The voice of the Lord is powerful;
the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.”

Let those verses echo within you, and offer a quick prayer of praise to a God who reigns so powerfully that even His voice is mighty and effective.

 By God’s word, the world was created. God spoke, and light entered the darkness, water separated from land, and sea creatures, plants, and animals were created.

 That same powerful voice speaks about you, too. God says that you are forgiven and beloved. And just as in the beginning. God speaks and it comes to pass. New life with just a word.

 What a powerful and good God!

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