Proverbs 15:18

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I remember being severely chastised once while in a meeting at another organization. I wanted to react, but instead I turned to God, and He enabled me to remain calm and respond in a godly manner. Turning to the Lord in prayer is always the best response in a crisis. We can ask Him to provide:

  • Spiritual discernment. God perfectly understands the situation, and He can help us understand too. With His assistance, we can gain insight into the source of the problem and move forward toward resolution.
  • A quiet spirit. It’s natural to react quickly and defend ourselves. But we need to deliberately focus our attention on the Lord and experience the inner peace that He promises (John 14:27).
  • Wisdom. God told the disciples that the Holy Spirit would give them wise words to say when they faced hostile authorities (Luke 12:11-12). He will do the same for you. If tempted to speak hastily, ask the Spirit to seal your lips until God provides the words and the proper time to respond (Psalm 141:3).

No matter what the situation may be, God has called us to represent Him the same way that Christ did—through dependence on our heavenly Father. Next time someone speaks critically to you, how will you respond?

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