Hone, Peter – Spotlight On Our Teachers

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with Peter Hone

My Favorite Bible chapter and verse †:

All Of  It.

Personal Experience

Married for 30 years, to my wonderful wife, Elize, and have 4 sons.

Professional Experience

Still learning:

Before then, previously worked at Big Life in _Naples, and before that Fantasy & Faux in Naples.

Bible Philosophy Donations:

We are called to disciple all who are willing.

All men should be about their Father’s business

Hobbies, Interests & Community Involvement

My family and I attend First Baptist church and various bible groups like MIM, Golf Fellowship, Energy Group.  I’m a big Chelsea fan!


I went to school in London and Rhodes, South Africa


Likes best about GAP.

Ken Benton


Birthplace and Hometown

I was born on Oct 18, 1953


When I became a believer 

First time I came to God is when I was 52, listening to John 14:6 on a CD.


Make an eternal investment today in something that will last forever. GAP team’s up with Peter Hone. We ask our brothers to be a part of what God is doing! Your donation gift to Godly Accounting Partners of Naples (“GAP”), you advance the critical mission of men’s discipleship. Thank you for your generosity. TO GIVE, PLEASE

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